Storing Coffee

Roasted Coffee Beans

How To Store Coffee Beans + Tips For Freezing Them

You’ve got a luscious bag of freshly roasted coffee beans. You’ve nailed the grind, timing, and ratio to brew a delicious cup. How do you enjoy that perfect fresh flavor for as long as possible? You store your coffee beans properly.

Coffee is perishable. It might not go rotten in a way that makes you sick, but it gets stale or rancid in a way that ruins its great taste. Don’t let that happen to you! I’m here to guide you through the best (and worst) ways to keep your coffee fresher longer.

How To Store Your Coffee To Keep It Fresh

We often say that the greatest enemies of fresh coffee are oxygen, heat, light, and moisture. These facilitate increased oxidation, a chemical reaction that degrades the taste and aroma of your specialty coffee (1). The best way to store coffee beans is to limit their exposure to these conditions.

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