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The Coffee Jedi

Steve Lanphier founder of Capitol Press Coffee Company had a passion for coffee. Getting his start with coffee in 1994, Steve later would become a master roaster with Portland Roasting and Caffe D arté. He went on to expand his reach into every aspect of the industry, becoming a major asset to the coffee community. Steve, the “Coffee Jedi”, continued to train baristas, help to open coffee shops, consulted, and trained some of today’s best roasters. A few of his students were his wife Noreen and his children Graham and Heather.

After his passing in 2017, his family carried on his passion of great coffee with Capitol Press Coffee Company. We believe that starting with the best quality green coffee allows us to put the best roasted coffee in your hands.

Small Batch Beginnings

In 2010, with the help of a friend, Steve bought “Alice” a 1988 L12 Probat roaster. This machine was the corner stone of a business that would blossom into a roasting environment filled with friends, family and coffee.

Roasting with Alice provided coffee for multiple coffee shops including those in Oregon’s capitol city of Salem out to Sacramento, California’s capitol. This was the bases of the business name; two state capitols tied together into Capitol Press Coffee Company.

Noreen Sullivan-Lanphier

I was introduced to a truly GREAT cup of coffee by my husband Steve. He spoiled me with our morning coffee, and I quickly became a fan.

It started when he would make me a cappuccino, and simply wait to see if I noticed anything unique about the coffee. At first, I didn’t notice anything, but over time was able to pick out subtle flavors, smells and textures. This made our mornings filled with happy conversations centered around a great cup of coffee.

Getting up in the morning and preparing a brew, whether it be drip, French press, or a cappuccino, has become a ritual for me and brings back happy memories. Especially when it is with coffee I have put my heart and soul into roasting.

Steve’s passion for coffee was from all aspects of it. From seed to your cup. He related his passion for coffee to “Great Coffee”- “Great People”. I look forward to continuing his passion for coffee.

Steve was able to explore Papua New Guinea and together we traveled to Brazil to visit farms and meet the native people. Not only was this an invaluable coffee experience, but provided a very personal connection as well.

To this day I still SMILE and remember while I make my morning cappuccino!

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As A Coffee Roaster

I find roasting coffee both fascinating and challenging. There is a passion to bring out the best in every coffee you work with.

I hope to achieve this with the help of wonderful friends, the coffee community and coffee lovers like you. I know together we can carry on the legacy my husband started and roast GREAT COFFEE!




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