Brewing Guide

Your guide to 16 coffee brewing methods

At its simplest, coffee is made by combining ground beans and water.

But depending on how you do that, the final product can vary wildly from light and bright to deep and savory.

This guide highlights the 16 different coffee brewing methods you can try in your own home.

How To Use This Guide

Each method has two a “How To Brew” section with two important pieces of info:

  1. Grind Size: Fineness of your grind. Check out this resource for examples. Pre-ground coffee will be a medium fineness, which will be fine for some methods but horrible for others. (A great grinder is crucial.)
  2. Suggested Ratio: The ratio of coffee grounds to water by weight. A 1:17 ratio means 1 gram of water for every 17 grams of coffee. (Brewing recipes usually are expressed in grams instead of ounces to allow for fine adjustments.)

For Reference On Suggested Ratios

  • 7 g of coffee = 1 tbsp whole bean
  • 30 g of water = 1 fl oz

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